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In the management of the warehouse the border between potentiality to take advantage of and problems to resolve is much thin one. Enough a nothing in order to make to become what previously it was even a force point, an element carrying of all the organizational, productive and managerial structure of the enterprise, in a "generating field" problems of economic, financial and organizational order.
Behind a efficient warehouse there is a efficient management and organization. If these had to come to lack, or to introduce gaps, inefficiency would unavoidablly extend to all the business activity.
The management of the warehouse consists in rationalizing the business inner resources to the aim to implement of the efficiency, synonym of competitiveness in the competitive markets.
The business management, and in particular that one of the warehouse, once it were considered like a pure inner element to the enterprise.
Currently, instead, the modern managerial techniques, more and more oriented to the search of the flexibility, stretch to interlace so deep relationships with other actors (supplying, customers, other enterprises.), to render impossible one distinction inner-outside.
Until some year it makes in order to obtain efficiency was necessary to centralize the production on the search of the quality of the product.
In the time but the question of the consumers it becomes more and more demanding, are not pleased more of the product in if for if and to the quality of the product, hour total of the product is demanded the quality.
This has influenced in consisting way on the concept "to produce" that in its turn it has influenced the management of the warehouse.
Since the efficiency does not find more centralizing the forces on the search of a production of quality of the good, but on the simplification and optimization of the management and its procedures it is obligation see again and to optimize the warehouse.
The management of the warehouse door to remarkable physical costs, and of the not quantifiable returns (increase of the efficiency).
Therefore that in passed has been dedicated interest little.
To the day today instead greater importance is attributed to you, which is dictated from competitive requirements.
In fact the played more and more pitiless competition on the competitive markets does not save who present of the inferior standards of efficiency to the others. As an example, in it was of Internet is nearly of all unthinkable one management lacking in computer science support.
The technological developments have brought of the remarkable advantages, making the fortune of who have known to pick, decreeing them the failure of who of it have not comprised the potentialities.
Carried out more and more often with particular techniques, making wide use of the computer science support, also in net with the suppliers, the management of the warehouse must be considered priority: it involves costs elevates to you but if put into effect in adequate way it concurs savings and increments of efficiency.
This must be put into effect, but, so as to not to weight down the patrimonial structure of the enterprise and without to weigh on its equilibrium excessive financial.
In fact the company needs of an inner organization rations them and fast, placed side by side from factors which:

  1. to assure continuity and timeliness of development to the technical processes of production
  2. to assure a continuous and timely feeding of the sale processes
  3. to reduce lessened the connected costs to the maintenance of the supplyes
  4. attitude of the enterprise in supplying of the raw materials and the goodses
  5. logistic organization and trades them for the efficient distribution of the finished product on the market
  6. predisposition to the evolution.


A warehouse has direct costs inherent to its structure which: relative costs of the staff, costs you to the equipments, relative costs you to the premises and the spaces of reception of the goodses and shunting and shipment of the same ones.
Not negligible costs are then those relati you to the conservation in warehouse of the goodses, packings and the other materials of consumption.
To stop supplyes door a series of advantages to the enterprise, and puts it protected from the disadvantages previously illustrates to you, but it is from holding present that the supplyes involve costs.
The costs are represent to you in particular from 2 members:

  • first purchase is relative to of goodses, that it represents an investment for a duration of time that goes from the moment of the payment of the purchase of the raw materials, at the moment in which happens the proceeds of the sale of the finished products obtained from the same matters;
  • second from the relative costs you to the maintenance (warehouse costs). This last vincolano enormous understood embezzling them them to the productive investments. Esteem that beyond 30 % annual of the business understood one them is bound in warehouse, that is a warehouse from 5 million euro coast of only understood them 1,5 milioni/anno, excluded the operating costs.

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