Unitec was established in 1988, according to 10 years of reflections about the industrial world by its founder, Vincenzo Marino.
These remarks pointed out that the big industrial automation development during the Eighties required a suppliers' number enlargement, caused by the geographic distribution of the technologies needed.
For example, a laser had to be sought in the United States, moulds in Turin and a machine tool in Germany.

The significance of the matter implied a deep modification in the supply chain management environment, not only for investment goods, but also for all the parts involved in plants maintenance.

In the actual case, the conclusion referred to the connection between the worlds of the big industry in Germany and the automation rising pole in Italy, which had in Turin his most attractive city.
Due to language and logistics, companies needed both technical and commercial support in provisioning these articles, that were however handled, but with big resources and time waste.
There was indeed lack of possibility to create supply aggregation, because items were bought separately by various dealers in many countries.
That led processing and supply chain management costs often higher than the value of the item itself, in an amount equal to N times its worth.

By the consideration of all these ineffectiveness elements sprang the supply management idea, that enabled Unitec customers to revolutionize their buying systems and, as direct consequence, spare on both costs and prices.
This idea made Unitec able to consolidate procedures, obtain products directly by the producer, that means lower prices, and distribute these savings to its customers.

The idea obtained immediate approval and, thanks to a word of mouth in the industrial automation circle, Unitec has become in few time an important provision company, expanding then in other language areas.
Another basic factor in the company's success was the perseverance in understanding that market was, and is, in a non-stop evolution.
This permitted Unitec to adapt to the relevant growth, making the company a pioneer in spreading commercial information.


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