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Solutions - brokeraggio
  • he is looking for international supplier sources that are more convenient in terms of price and quality for the customer.
  • The client can have specialists on his side on demand, without having to bear the cost for own personnel.
  • The more customers use brokering the greater are the possibilities of purchase for all. The brokering services of Unitec are used regularly by more than 400 companies.
  • The broker focuses all demand notifications of his customers and therefore has a bigger potential of purchase on the market. Thus, the prices for the goods and extra expenses for procurement are reduced.
  • The client can save the costly registration of "spot suppliers" in his administration system.
  • The client has access to foreign suppliers even without knowing other languages. Unitec takes care of the communication with suppliers and authorities also in foreign countries.
  • Due to globalisation the role of an international broker is more and more of strategic importance for clients.
  • In view of the rising administration cost the broker offers the possibility to consolidate activities and thus to save enormous cost. One single collective inquiry to the broker can replace several inquiries to suppliers. Several offers can be consolidated to one order. This effect of consolidation enables reduction of cost at the acceptance of goods as well as at the accounting of suppliers.
  • The client can ask Unitec for any product he needs. Unitec then starts a market research and always informs his customer about the results.
  • Unitec has got an own data base with over 75 000 industrial products from more than 4 300 manufacturers. The data has been collected during 15 years of activity as broker and Unitec's clients can have access to the data via Internet in real time. You can ask for login possibility under The web application is ready for use in English, German and Italian.
  • New !!! Netsourcing !!!
Unitec has created NetSourcing, the first web site dedicated to industrial procurement via Internet.    >>

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