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Article code Manufacturer Brand Description Image Enquiry
E1655.11   Braun  Monitor for systems E16x203 or E16x223  
E1696.31   Braun  Braun Turbine Speed Measurment Testgenerator, E1696.31 MATERIAL : WSERLA KT5907/0000  
C1182BS   Braun  Tacho indicator MOVIPORT with additional probe A1S30, laser probe A1S37P, reflexive tape U1A006 and magnetic probe A2S04P70  
A1S37P   Braun  Laser number of revolutions sensor for MOVIPORT C1182BS with cable SAK  
A2S04P70   Braun  Number of revolutions sensor magnetic-inductivel, thread M10 x 1, length of thread 70 mm, connection over P-plugs  
A1S30P95   Braun  Additional probe for MOVIPORT C1182BS  
U1A006-10   Braun  Reflexive covers for MOVIPORT C1182BS, Length = 10 cm, width = 1 cm, (1 CF = 10 pieces)  
376846SK(ex295434SK)   Braun  Tranducer  
C1182BS 5m   Braun  Complete set of photo sensor, cable, case, device m.Batterien  
A1L05B500-5V   Braun  Wheel encoder with 2 wheels of 500 mm circumference (160 mm diameter), pulse Resolution 1 pulse / mm, Speed range 0 ... 2000 m / min, Accuracy 0.5%, pluggable connection, supply 5 V DC  

Article code 1 to 10 of 55
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